This is an online utility that provides easy and customizable AMX Mod X plugin compilation.

Upload a file and once the compilation is finished, the application will provide you with a link to the compiled plugin.

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If your plugin requires a 3rd party include file (.inc), you can upload your custom include file now. Note that this step should be done prior to the compiling process because the compile needs the file to be already present once the compile process is occuring.

Please select a *.sma file
Select the right version of the AMXX compiler

You can also paste your plugin source code into the editor below for a quick compilation of a small plugin

// This makes it so you can use the core AMX Mod X functions // It "includes" the native definitions from includes\ #include <amxmodx> // Declare three string variables new PLUGIN[]="AMXX Demo" new AUTHOR[]="BAILOPAN" new VERSION[]="1.00" // This is a public function. // It is necessary to initialize your script under AMX Mod X. // It takes no parameters, and is called right after map load. public plugin_init() { // This is a function that takes three strings. // It registers your function in AMX Mod X, and assigns some basic information. register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR) }